Below are step by step instructions on how to Import Items.  If you are still having issues after using this article feel free to reach our support department at 888.457.6543

To make it easy for you we have created a simple template file you can download. Template File 

1.Download the template file so that you can create your CSV File. The template file is very basic and has the minimum fields to use to create products. at the end of this step by step we have listed other fields you can add to your CSV file.

2. Create your products using the fields you wish to use.

3. Save your file to something you will remember and in a place you can find. In this demo we saved it as Import and saved it to our desktop.

4.Next you will need to login to Posterita.

5. Once logged in you will want to go to the back end so that we can start the import.

6. Once your in the back-end click on Items

7. Now click on Import Items.

8. You are now in the Import Items click on the Choose file to select the file you will be importing today.

9. Once you have selected the file you will be working today click on load. Please note depeding on how big your file is it may take some time to load. The max amout of Items you may import at one time is 2500. If you have more than 2500 Items you will need to make more than one CSV file or have our support team import it for you. You may submit a support request to to do this.

10. Now you will need to insure that the columns match.  We have a very simple video above to show the full import process.

11. After matching the Coloms with the system headings we need to make sure if you have column headers that you click the import file includes column headers. If you are using our Template file then plase make sure you select this box as our sample file does have column headers.

12. Next its time to click the Import and allow the system to Import your Items.

13. Once the system is complete you will receive a green bar across the top telling you how many items were created, updated, or failed.