Below are step by step instructions on how to make a cash sale.  If you are still having issues after using this article feel free to reach our support department at 888.457.6543

1. Login to Posterita

2. Locate the Search box, here you can type or scan your barcode, SKU, Name, Description or Group name to locate your product. If you're typing you will need to hit the enter key in after you locate the product.

3. You can also use the quick keys area to locate a product as well.

4. If the Item you typed or scanned in is an exact match you will see it has been automatically added to the ticket to the right.

5. If it was not an exact match you will need to select it from the list of search results.

6. Once you're ready to close the sale click on the green sales button.

7. Next it will ask how you want to checkout. Choose the cash button.

8. Next you will need to enter the amount you have taken from the customer.  You can also use the quick buttons to your right.

9. After you have entered the amount click "Ok" .

10. Once you have completed the payment, Posterita will display a completed receipt.

11.  If you owe the customer change it will be listed in the upper-right hand corner.